What to Know About Personal Loans and Mortgage Applications

Trying to find a property and start up a home can seem much more complicated as an adult. With a lack of funding and other economic circumstances, it can feel like having a home would be a lost cause. But it doesn’t have to be.

Getting a mortgage loan can be helpful in acquiring a home. It can elicit a multitude of questions though, such as whether a personal loan would work better or if taking out a personal loan in the process would affect the outcome.

Speak to a trusted advisor when approaching these financial decisions. Knowing the process behind mortgage application and qualification can be a huge advantage to ensure approval. But for now, here’s what you should know about personal loans and mortgage applications.

Defining a Personal Loan and Mortgage

A personal loan is a sum of credit that can be used for just about any purpose. Many tend to use it for debt consolidation, emergency expenses, big purchases, and so much more. The payment is made in monthly installments, similar to a credit card. A personal loan can be used in place of other specific types of loans or even used to finance those loans in the future.

Meanwhile, a mortgage loan is solely used for properties and homes. The payment terms for a mortgage can be far more different and longer than a personal loan, depending on the arrangement done with a mortgage lender. The application process can also be more nuanced than others.

A personal loan and mortgage application do have some correlation. Paying off personal loans can affect one’s debt-to-income ratio. Mortgage lenders are trained to do a background check of an applicant’s DTI to determine their capabilities of paying back a mortgage.

Ensuring a Good Mortgage Application

If you’re wondering what makes up a good mortgage application and ensures a closed deal, it’ll be fulfilling the requirements and having the right qualifications for it. A good credit score and a DTI ratio below the 28% mark are the most ideal.

There are many ways to ensure that your mortgage program is good, such as paying off all your debt and balancing your monthly payments to the income that you earn. A homebuyer can also explore different options and mortgage types to see what’s flexible and works best for them.

Using a Personal Loan for a Mortgage

A personal loan can be advantageous to use in order to qualify for an excellent mortgage loan. For one, a personal loan can help refinance the debt that would worsen a person’s DTI. Paying off a multitude of smaller-sized and regular-sized debts would lead to having more time to pay.

Homebuyers may also attempt to use the personal loan directly by depositing the cash into a savings account. Once a mortgage has been agreed upon, and a contract’s been signed, that personal loan can be withdrawn and eventually used for the down payment.


Personal loans do have a lot of use when it comes to applying for a mortgage, offering different perks and getting you a step closer to your dream home. Be sure to contact a trusted financial advisor to see what are the most viable options for you.

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